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Natural Deerfly Patches Stop Biting deer flies better than a repellent. Deerflies target the sticky patch / strip applied to your hat or cap. They see it as a "good feeding place". They land and stay there.
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Testimonies from Customers
"Astounding Effectiveness" , Allen
"Best Product for Deerflies", Gail
"I Don't Know How We Survived", Butler
"A Savior", Greg
"I Actually Enjoy Cutting Grass for the First Time in Years", Margaret
"Do These Patches Work? You Bet they Do" , N Proctor
"Worth their Weight in Gold", Cleveland Clinic
"So Pleased With Your Deerfly Patches", Kate
"Not Able to Take a Walk Without Them", Barbara
"They Give Me Peace of Mind", Lucy
"They Worked Wonderfully", Mary
"a Life Saver", Tara
"A Satisfied Customer", Jim, (a runner)
"What a Relief Not to be Bitten and Swat Constantly" Mary Sue
"Their Effectiveness", Courtney, Michigan DNR
"Best Product for Protection Against Deerflies". Gail DEERFLY PATCHES
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